Sick Fucks

Taken from the movie Bloodsucking Freaks

Over 800,000 children go missing in the US every year

where do you think they go
-many of them are used simply to make Republicans “vote more liberally.” What group can you think of that would be so important to that Republicans would vote more liberal?…These are very serious accusations and more proof is needed. But who owns the “liberal media”…(as well as the Federal Reserve?)

Others are simply sacrificed (ritually like this videos discusses like so many faggots or bundles of sticks on a fire (An original English meaning of the term faggot), after being used like so many cigarettes (another use of the word fag)

There is a reason I believe hookers refer to their pimp as “daddy” and tell any client who abuses them, “if you mess with me my daddy is gonna get you.” It is a very screwed up mind-set, but many times the sickness is started in the home…as is the history of this filthy business of “procurement.”

The modern etymology of the term “procurer” literally means “professional curer.” But what does that mean?

In a very twisted family, if the dad wanted his daughter to “trick” he would tell he she is very sick, but he had a nice man who was coming over for a cure…he would need to examine her of course. After he paid the “sweet daddy” she would likely end up sicker, and would say “I just turned a trick.” Or likewise, he would tell the man his daughter had some “very sweet medicine to give him”…and he would be a sick fuck who needed.

This is where the use of drugs comes in for the sake of “procurement.” Daddy would tell his little girl, you are very sick and these nice men are very good friends of daddy, they have paid me a great deal of money for a cure…please help show your appreciation. After doing this, he can give her a shot of something, a drug, and “make it all better.” So could the “trick.” …but in the morning she would be all the more ill, and need more of the “curer.”

This is also where the scam of fake charities could evolve from “My daughter is very sick and bed ridden, will you help pay money so we may find a cure.” The men then get to violate her of course, as a reward for all they are doing to fight her “disease.” …the “procurer” or Jewish daddy, gets to keep all the money and does nothing to find a cure for her disease…sort of like the modern cancer scam, and drive to find a cure for it.

To insure the child stays as a “sweet money maker” she must be truly sick and co dependent…but why stop at the girl? If she can make money, who is too say a boy cannot as well. In fact some “sickos” (or need some medicine from the “procurer”) may prefer a boy even. And if the boy is weakened enough, he may be told to seek out other men, as they have the cure, and have what he is missing (or has been taken from him)

The German word “Pimpf” means “inexperienced boy.” and the English root is ““servant at the lowest level of a social hierarchy.” What is more lowly and despicable than a pimp??

If sweet daddy needs someone to watch his girls, perhaps an older son. He may be beaten, and even made to limp (why the pimp carries a cain) This sort of abuse can make him a sadist, and if they know what they are doing, someone like the mother can say “you are doing this to protect daddy’s girls.” Since he cannot beat the dad, he beats the girls instead. Basically he is a weak faggot, he hates girls, an older brother type (perhaps literally) and may be made to limp, so he does not leave the nest. Is given fancy clothes though (a fancyman) for watching “daddy’s merchandise.”

He is the bad brother, meant to watch over the little sister, but betrays her all the same. If 800,000 children are being kidnapped per year, and some are being used as prostitutes all their life, the white slavers, such as what is shown the movie “Bloodsucking Freaks” doing this of course need some pimp to watch over them. And they pick “some brother.” Like the cocaine and crack epedemic that needs a pusher of merchandise, do not believe the “pimp” is the true whoremaster, only the pusher. Your average black street hood has no way of delivering that much “dope” to the “hood” as does the CIA. Nor does he have enough pull to deliver all the “merchandise” discussed in the Franklin Coverup video that was earlier mentioned.

If it is another race responsible for this, it would be a good cover to put a “black face, on a jewish disgrace.” Here is an article on the Jewish involvement in white slavery

If they are involved in this in the states, you simply cannot have a bunch of jews seen pimping out white whores. It could cause “anti semitism.”

It is even shown in the film “Bloodsucking Freaks” who the real pimp is, and who the “enforcers” or “punishers” are. But it can be seen in any jewish directed interracial movie as well. Despite putting a black face on front.

But back to the film “Bloodsucking Freaks.” Jews, being the whoresons they are, are obsessed by the “bad doctor” the man daddy promises will come bring the cure, but only ends up violating in the worst way, as is shown and exgeratted in the film.

The jew director and writer has the cast happily remove him….”permenently.” Jews are obsessed with the “bad doctor” and the evil sorcerer. It can be seen in many of their movies. It can be seen in this movie, as well as “Dr Strangelove” (strange name) in Clockwork Orange (Dr Brodsky who only makes the boy sicker) in the Rocky Horror Picture show (a freak alien trying to create a new man) It can even be seen in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with the evil renegade ninja shredder, with the super brain Krang with the mad and uncreative scientist and pest Baxter Stockman (somewhat like the failure Dr Fraken(stein) further and the uncreative idiot Sardu) and the bad experiments that make a boy a much sicker creature in a Clockwork Orange. But our little friend Ralphus (the midget pictured at the top of this thread)

I believe the jews are trying to plant a meme in white peoples heads that they are the “failed experiment” of a mad scientist (Yacub’s History) but more importantly they may be revealing their own history. If such a history exists it would apply far more to them (Neanderthalic monsters who have escaped, and are out to destroy their man who was once their host)

It the movie Bloodsucking Freaks, they are showing that all this stuff may be going on, but the one behind it is a sinister white faggot…of course the director could have never showed it to be an actual jew dvil (and the Aryan woman he cannot hope to possess- Natasha) and got the movie through.

Knowing what we know about the 1000’s of children kidnapped per day in the US alone, the government’s complicity in covering it up from the “Franklin Coverup.” We can believe Detective Toochie when he tells the Aryan QB in “loodsucking Freaks….”Yea white slavery! You try to close em up, you can’t. Judges and everyone else is in on the take.” You can also believe it is a real possibility everything shown in the movie was witnessed first hand, perhaps by the director who chose to posing himself like the “little hencheman Ralphus, as shown in the back of it’s video cover.

Sardu: Oh you are sickened…but it’s only a show, this violence cannot be real.

John Tootch: She was trying to give you some hints QB (White man), but you missed it.



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