The Mis-Adventures of the Kev Monster!

Let me tell you about some of my mis-adventures with the Kev mons…err Meister

One time he came to me and said he had just been seduced by a mulatta. I said \’Awww man thats bad. It must have been those revealing white/zebra genes that you got you.\’ He said \’no it was the Mickey Mouse panties she was wearing underneath.\’

I one time mentioned to him \’all this pro-mysogination agitprop is really having a backbite, you should see all the JAPS walking around New York and other cities sucking and fucking niggers.\’ He told me that wasn\’t how his experience with them has been, they usually stay tightly knit with their own but are still fucking sluts. He told me he finally got a real hot young one he had been working on for 3 days, that he met where her family was having a birthday celibration for her, at an establishment he frequents regularily (Chunky Cheese). When he finally got her in the sack, she giggled and said she had had BIGGER and BETTER. He was real angry because she had told him she was a virgin on the day they met. I laughed and said \’you should have got her when she really was big boy!\’ He said he was 2 days too late!

Another time he told me he was through entaining at kids parties for movement friends, at was just too much fucking work. I said \’Aw c\’mon the kids can\’t be that bad.\’ He said \’No the kids are GREAT it\’s getting all the blood out the clown rental costumes that\’s such a pain in the ass.\’

One time we were sitting at a coffee shop talking when a very attractive young lady walked by, and we paused a moment, but he did not seem that interested. I said, you have to watch out for that Jailbait, there are a lot of 14 year olds walking around these days with the bodies of 18 year olds. He said \’those are not the ones you have to watch out for. It\’s the 8 year olds with the body of 4 year olds – MOST OF THEM KNOW 9-11!

One time Elisha called me hysterical saying she got Kev looking at a very revealing picture of a young child. The child had very short hair and she could not tell what sex it was. And asked \”What are you doing with a picture like that, how old is that boy\’? Kev got up and slapped her and said \”IT\’S A GIRL! I cant believe this, all this time you\’ve known me and you could think Im some kind of sick fucking pervert!\”

He said he was going on a camping trip with a steady fling, where a funeral was also going to be held for a lost loved one near by. When Kev took her to the funeral no one was there, but a deep hole had been buried in the ground. The girl asked where everyone was, and said it was very inconsiderate to only bring lunch for one she would be hungry later on the walk back.

He said told her \’I am the one who needs all the engry, afer all I\’mhe grave digger and paulbearer…besides your not going to need any lunch for the short trip your talking.\’

…He said he still wrote to her mother regularily, telling her she was being well taking care and not been harmed. \’After all I am not some kind of monster.\’ he said. \’Unlike those niggers and the nasty things they would write to my mother, about how they were \’talking care\’ me, in Juvey.\’

I said \’Yea I really hate those fucking niggers! Some WN say \’Oh you that makes you sound like some jewish hater.\’ I said no, jews hate everyone for no good reason, after knowing niggers for a short tiem no one likes them. I think their mock ZOG staged BN\’s are much bigger BM\’s than our fake WN. Because they continue to suck off the government while it just fucks us! I wish they the worthless pieces of shit would get off the welfare.\’

He told me \’The state really babies them. I mean you have no idea how they molly-coddle them. Hell even I came out wearing a diaper after living with them a short time.\’

Pretty soon my nigga JJT Money will have the walls of Stormfront collaped in no time. The hos they just don\’t know, once you fuck wit da White, the D0gs say goodnight!


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