Loop (or”Song” Ending) that started the Luke aka Luther Campbell vs Dr Dre beef!

It was featured on the end of the 1st track on the I Got Shit on my Mind LP by “artist” Luther Campbell aka “Luke.”

“Disses” by “Bustdown” and “JT Money!”

“Gangsta, Gangsta!”

[Scratchhhh, cut]


This is what the real “Gangstaz” think about yall fuck ass niggaz!

JT Money:

Sucka ass NWA
Niggaz behind the motherfuckin scenes!

Pussy ass Dre talkin about how he hard at a concert
And how he’s gonna swang on a nigga

Then he go and swang on Sista D!

MC Ren, talkin about what he gonna do to a nigga
-With his light weight black, look like he gonna always hold a pipe in his hands, ASSSS!

And Yella,
He aint gonna do nothing but sit in the backround
And cut it clean, and watch a nigga shit his drawls!

And Eazy E talking anout how he the Big Boss
-And how he used to sell dope with his little pooped up Booty

-And he’s fuckin yall Punks!


The album or LP then goes to the 2nd track of the album, called “Fakin like Gangstas”, which included a diss about NWA on the 3rd and last verse of the song!

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