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“I Hate jews!”

I do not. But if you do, post here and show the metrosexual “man” and liberal promoters of the world, what you really “think.” Advertisements

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Great News!

If you look up “freakish jews” or “jews freakish” on Joogle or, will come in dead 1st! I guess people have gotten tired of the wicked jews and their sickening metrosexual ways!        

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Why are jews so Freakish?

Because they are limp wristed soft faced obnozious lazy parasites! who have been inbreeding for over 2,000 years and maintaing the Neaderthalic gene for over 7! Faggots like Troye Sivan are part of their crab-peoplian plot to take over the … Continue reading

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Dirty Rhymes from MSN Chat

Any hos wanna lick out my ass? I gave it a clean wash, now you can give that salad a fresh toss!   Any hos take it up the booty then suck off the doody? I like a clean dick … Continue reading

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