Proper Racial Classifications by the very Racist “Walt Whiteman.”

In the Scientific World, when a theory can be proven and not disproven it becomes established fact. You have not disproven a negative, and the Equalitarians have not disproven race. The PC accepted definition of race is that when a group has more in common with each other biologically than any outside group, they are a race. This is why jews can be accepted as an alien race, it has through genetic testing that despite feasting off of Europeans for over 2,000 years, that they typically have more in common with each genetically, despite their location, than their hosts.

I don’t know where Mr Subrosa says I “erred” perhaps I “oversimplified” when I stated you are “either White or not” so let me explain. Antis like to use the arguement that because ‘there is no one gene that sets us apart’ race is not a real scientific fact. No there is no one, there are 10,000’s, including those that determine behavioral patterns. Whites, Negroids and Mongoloids are so different biologically that different drugs must be tested for each before being put on the market, and Anthrologists can tell if an individual is predominantly “Caucasian” Negroid or Mongoloid by a simple glance at the skull or in many cases the tooth, and Law Enforcement can tell the race of a perp simply from one drop of blood or other DNA.

There are only 3 primary races we are composed of, and all Caucasian genes derive from Ice Age Indo-Europe – these are Aryan genes. Most Dravidans, but those few descended from the highest caste, that was set up probably to seperate the ruling Whites from such ugly undesirable shit, are not of the White=”caucasian” race, but of 2 races. Therefore they are not Aryan or purely caucasian. The second one likely being Abo apes that fall under the Mongoloid super cluster. But because those Abos are closer to Aryans than the Sub Sapiens of Sub Sahara, the admixture with theirs and Aryan genes forms a more “caucasian shaped skull.” But there skull is much different from a Nordic one, it just isn’t the block shaped Chink one, or more simian nigger one. This is true as well of Aryans who ruled much of the Middle East and North Africa and mixed with the more “caucasian” Semites and other asorted..

Jews have used this trick and correct Anthrological classification to bullshit and lump all those non white caucasian mixed Nationalities, with maybe just a substaintial “caucasian” minority in their country, in with White for their convenience. And lie to ignorant mystery meat and lemmings such as you, that there is no distinct Aryan race, but just different shades of “Caucasian”, and use such ugly Abo shit as an example. Because a sizeable number there has a sort bone structer similar to real “Caucasians”. But they are not “Caucasians’ who ‘evovled’ dark skin.” Anymore than Japs and sort on high planes Chinks are Mongoloids who evolved light skin. But because the original Mongolids that they are evolved from are so distant from us, likely Bush monkey men, mixing with White still leaves them with the Mongoloid bone. But we can see from such things as their ability to grow facial hair, not seen in pure mongoloids, that they are indeed mixed breeds. Both are from White=true caucasian blood, from former Aryan subjugation.

You anti-intellectual lazy cunthead antis do not present any factually backed arguement, make unqualified statements we must then disprove and just totally waste our time. Then you take being ignored as a silent admission of defeat, and you wonder why are you “mocked.” Because who else but somemone who would take a Sadistic pleasure out of whipping the “dogshit stank (something that can’t be done with niggers) would take the time to demonstrate who is real evolutionary master.

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What do these political terms mean?

Communism makes you work for the people

Socialism makes you give money to the leader

Capitalism makes you make money for the gay jew

Liberalism makes you hate Satan


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Original version of “I want to Hold your Hand” by the Beatles, not found anywhere on Jewtube or other video sharing sites!!e59c0fa4f6f71cff23d821c00fca4b16

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“Black, White Red and Brown! Let’s work together to clean up this town”


I distinctly remember was said on the video on MTV for the video “Free your Mind”

But the Black women went back through time and erased it forever from their song, for the jews!

Now the quotation can be found NOWHERE on any Google search results!

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Here is the Original “Do you want to know a Secret” by the Beatles – NOT Found on Joutube! Part 2!c5a8c8e150429e6e5f2c46e982cd0037

Fucking thieves!…Or non thieves I should say. LOL!

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When New York was Cooler!

Check out the Cool New York urban settings at the start of the video where the 3-4 men are walking.

-It is, minus the little jewish Toad Billy Joel of course and other jews like him who attempt to make New York another LA, with Los Angles filmed shows such as Seinfeld!

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Something that could be played in fraternity houses nationwide!

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